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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 21, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we've got the videos you want to see, "right this minute." >> no brotherly love here. a brother's brawl caught on camera. >> believe it or not, they are fighting over a bar tab. >> see the damage one bro did to the other. it's a deluge in the louvre. the worst flood in decades. >> one of the areas hardest hit was the lake superior. >> ah. >> see the rainy day. the zoo was not an art. cops on the hunt for a
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serial robber with a wicked sweet tooth. grab a handful and jam out of the store. >> see which kind of candies drives these demons and ignites our own snack debate. >> is that good, though? they're like the last things left in the my halloween bag. >> really. and what's he going to do with that really long drill bit? >> ah! >> the video that dares you to look away. it's time to get our show started. nick has our first video and the back story. >> a witness captured cell phone video of this front yard brawl in naples, florida. these two guys going at it. the guy -- that you see on top taking the swing, that's richard. 34 years old, beating the heck out of the other guy. wayne, who's 39. these guys, believe it or not, are fighting over a bar tab. a dispute over a bar tab. >> ah! >> no. >> the disappointing part about this is these guys are brothers. >> what?
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>> ah. you're kidding? >> they're fighting over a bar tab. >> fighting over a bar tab. >> come on. >> and now they're much stronger. this fight dwayne having to go to the hospital to have emergency surgery on his right eye. they thought they might have to extract the eye because of the damage that was done. seems as if the younger brother, richard, wanted to pick a fight. listen to the argument in the car before the fight started. >> oh -- [ inaudible ]. >> just shut the [ bleep ] up. >> this was after the bar. directly after the bar. these guy, probably a little tuned up. the brothers admit they'd been drinking. >> yeah, you are. >> yeah. >> how do you apologize for this? you go to the hospital to visit your brother and say, hey, dude, i'm really, really sorry about what happened? >> apparently before the brothers went to the hospital, theyhugged it out.
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said i'm sorry. i love you. convicted of battery and spent three months in jail. the fighting continues in war-torn syria. a video just posted to youtube gives us a first-person perspective of the atrocities of war. this video according to the poster was slot in homs. the fighting incredibly intense in homs the past ten days between the rebels and the forces loyal to president bashar al assad. you hear gunfire constantly in the background as the man with the camera and a few other men try to remove an injured man on a stretcher from the back of a car that you can clearly see has the back window blown out. they're trying to safely put him in the back of a truck to try to evacuate him in the city. the u.n. has gotten involved.
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please, let people evacuate. get the women and the children out of the city. let people who are sick and injured get out of the city. after the man with the camera helped the wounded individual into the back of the truck, he hops on what looks like a scooter and continues through the city. look at these cars that are blown up. the windows are missing. you can see the destruction from the buildings. some buildings are completely missing the sides. >> pure urban warfare and not what we're used to seeing. these are everyday people fighting for what they believe. these people that took up arms in their own city. it's different journalism. >> you can't get in here. obviously, broadcast everywhere. to be on youtube, this guy took a big risk by driving a bike around. >> watch these guys. just coming with their guns in hand, not dressed in uniform. just dressed in street clothing. >> right. >> how do you know who is who? >> right. >> are they loyalists? are they rebels? who are they? >> right.
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flooding in due luduluth, minnesota. this is the worst flooding in duluth, minnesota in the past 409 years. take a look at these videos collected from the internet. this is a creek, usual lay small creek in the area. as you can tell, overran by water. >> you can hear rocks and boulders being moved down the river. >> this is the road outside our house. >> another video we see an intersection, first avenue, just west ofminnesota. the guy taking the video showing the water rushing down the street. you can see the water just -- wow. >> like a river. >> this video here, a guy uploaded a typical hillside in the duluth area. just look at that rushing water
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and listen. now, sadly, one of the areas hardest hit by these floods was the lake superior zoo. unfortunately a lot of animals lost their lives. this exhibit completely flooded over. one seal from the polar shores exhibit actually made a break for it. started heading towards downtown duluth. spent an entire night out on the town, and now is safely returned back at the zoo. don is joining us right this minute from duluth, minnesota. the one who first saw the seal on the side of the road. >> i went for a ride, and i ended um in a big puddle. almost staumed out my car. as i turned around, i got out by the zoo and i seen what ip thought was an injured dog on the side of the road. >> how far away from the zoo is this scene here? >> just across the street. the seal had been washed out from the other side of the road and walked back all the way up the hill and trying to get back to the zoo. >> ah.
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>> and as luck would have it, you know, the fire and rescue showed right up. >> in general, how bad has it been? >> it is ripping up roads. culverts, streets. it's sucking in houses, hotels. >> oh, my god! >> water has a lot of power, and it's done a lot of destruction. the most wanted man in ohio has been caught on camera -- for months he's been casually walking into this same store and has stolen an estimated $400 to $600 worth of -- reese's peanut butter cups. >> oh. >> for months? >> for months. he will just come into the store. he'll walk right to the where they have the reese's peanut butter cups. he'll grab a handful and jam out of the store. >> reese's peanut butter cups are delicious, but you've got to
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pay for him. >> so here he is walking in the door. he goes straight to the reese's pieces, but this time the clerk decided he was going to try to stop him, but he still got away. >> are they that good, though? they were like the last thing left in my halloween bag. >> what? those were the first to go from our bag. >> the bottom would get, like, wet. >> a greasy -- >> peept butter. >> i don't like that. >> from the peanut butter. it's a perfect mix of peanut butter and chocolate. >> they are good. but not good enough to steal. they believe he's an 18-year-old man. about 140 pounds, and about 5'10". >> how would you weigh 140 pounds at steal $600 worth of reese's peanut butter cups? >> maybe he's sharing? maybe he's sharing! >> steal them and then selling them at a discount price. >> oh, yeah? >> yes. did this ever happen to you? you order a great-looking burger, and you get this.
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>> i'm not mad at this at all, but come on, don't you really want this? >> see how they make a burger look so dang good. >> uh-huh. this bear is caught in the act. >> i'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is a dude bear. >> see how we know it's a bear of the guy type, coming up. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ] ♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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did you ever see a fast food commercial and the burger looks impeccable. >> yeah. >> like the burger is perfect. then you order that burg around it looks like -- >> yes. >> the director of marketing for mcdonald's, canada, is going to take this back to their photography lab where they take the pictures of the burgers for their commercials -- >> and a ton of cheese, hot off the press as it can be. just naught i just naught in. get a comparison. >> there's your burger from the srellcheese.
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you n't see the other ingredients. >> but it looks -- >> it looks gross. an answer for that. >> that burger was made in about a minute or so. of course, as we go through on the average shoot, takes several hours. here is, it's important to note, all the ingredients no one uses are the exact same ingredients we use in the restaurant. >> they're using the ingredients, then it's a real burger. making it like they make them at mcdonald's? >> that's where it gets a little different. in the store they would naturally line it up straight in a line. we have to bring it back a little built to reveal the fact that it comes with the pickles and the slivered onions. >> two pieces of cheese, pickle, onions and you see what you're getting. >> i'm not mad at all. i get seeing what i get in my burger. >> digital software and a few minor touches.
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not to make it look big. they want it to look real. it is a real burger, after all. >> with things that happen in observation which doesn't shoppe the burger in the best possible light. >> there you finally see a look at the side-by-side. >> the boxes our sandwiches come in keep the sandwich fun. and makes it contract a little bit. >> it's brilliant mcdonald's are doing this. >> thank you very much for your question. we hope this answered it for you. thanks. it's a grown-up's responsibility to teach a child the ways of the world. they're not supposed to teach a child to do this. we got this from wxyz. this video appears to catch a young person in the act stealing a kitten from a pet store. >> according to reports, and according to the video, this young person picks the cat up. appears to look like he or she is kissing the cat, and then
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stuffs the kitten underneath a red shirt. >> oh. >> and what's worse is there is an adult who is helping with the process, and not just one adult, but according to reports, there are two adults involved. one woman who stood at the cash register, and distracted the cashier way small purchase, while the other, a man, looked out for the young person while they put the cat in the their shirt. this all happened in alan park, accomplish mish, in alan park critter shop. >> what i couldn't believe is a man teaching, i think a girl, teaching his daughter how to steal from the shop. >> well, that person looks like they are old enough to know what they're doing. they're old enough to know that they're stealing something they shouldn't be taking. >> i think everyone involved in old enough to know that they're doing something they shouldn't be doing. >> how do you raise this thing? you take it home. somebody goes, really nice pet. where did you get it? >> oh, just stole it from the
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center. >> go to the rescue center and get one for 20 bucks. >> so far the police haven't been able to identify the people in this video. sometimes you come up with these cute outfits and wish there was a way to remember that. there's an app for that. >> a way to categorize and share your favorite outfits using an app. >> the cool thing about this app now is that there's now a partnership they've done. >> shooting your look, automatically text it. then when you want to see all the outfits that worked for conditions, tap weather in your wardrobe. the current bar gives you the weather and brings up the best outfit. >> what a neat idea. >> maybe last time you came up way cool outfit, like, i want to wear my -- >> bless you. >> you go back and you -- bring up your summer outfit, and you don't show all of them, and you can wear it again. >> a problem, though. you're going to go back and say, where did i put that dress?
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>> sorry, guys. >> god bless you. it's okay. >> one more time. >> [ bleep ]. >> mine would probably be -- where's that blouse? >> my sister took it! >> well, with this app you would at least be able to save, categorize and share your outfit, in a nutshell. a skier wants to break a ski record but is going to attempt doing this backwards. see if he shatters the record, or his freakin' leg! and find out about a new device to soak up really bad smells in your home. >> maybe by your husband's chair. >> or just over your bed at night.
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well, beth, it's time for beth and steven's stinky science time. >> stinky science? >> yes. what if i told you the smart people create add way to get rid of the smell during the diaper changing process? it's this. it is called the nurse cow, and it was developed by hondo in conjunction with a university in japan. up see it there. it's an instantaneous deodorizer. it's this piece of machinery that has this arm that sort of sticks out over where you'd be changing a diaper off a baby or a baby, a patient in the hospital, maybe, who's wearing diapers. >> is it a poop catcher?
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>> i think it's a vacuum. how exactly does it work? a science behind it. i don't know how it works but but does that, our science and -- expert -- >> ooh. >> kind of smell yourself a little. >> tell us how this smell-sucking vacuum works. >> there's small particles of smell that goes around. inside this machine is an activated charcoal. so there's charcoal, it has big pores and in the pores is where they suck these cerebral stinky smells? >> exactly. right now only used in hospitals but they've come up way prototype for home care. >> this looks like something you want in your home. this arm thing right here? >> i don't think we need it so much for baby, but maybe by your husband's chair. >> yeah. >> if that's true, or just over your bed at night so you -- no dutch ovens. >> you can create a fwhaed hbeds
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a suction cap in it. >> stinky time. always coming up with new inventions. >> we're going to make millions on this. >> all about the money. and the -- it's fun with animal friends time. we're first going to start with the adorable animal known as a honey bear. >> a honey bear. not a honey badger. >> no. from central and south america, and look at that thing's tongue. >> what is he eating out of a tube? >> honey. >> ah. his little ears, they look like they're too far down on his head and it almost makes him look sad. >> this video comes from the zoology museum of london. giving enrichment. bears like honey, but this one, he just needs to scratch a good itch. >> yeah. scratching his butt on a big
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boulder. >> don't you feel kind of like a warrior? i mean, this bear probably thinks he's alone in the woods. >> i'm going out in the woods and say this bear is like a dude bear. all need someone to scratch your back. >> you realize, if you have an itch, hey, scratch it? and somebody will come up and scratch it for you. >> just like that. you don't have to tell it where to go. >> you would skip a beautiful woman scratching your back so you wouldn't have to tell her where you're at? >> i couldn't do that. >> ah. >> what about me, steven? >> anybody. equal opportunity. >> dude's about to drill sbool a hole. >> into a hole. >> oh, no,
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if skip the gym today, this next video will make you feel even more guilty. check this out. a guy dead lifting 125 pounds. not a big guy. looks like he weighs 165 pounds. not just that. this guy suffers from cystic fibrosis and is on a mission to become the world's strongest haitian. >> oh. >> here we see this guy in the video -- that is a lot of weight. to be dead lifting. >> didit without shoes, too. >> yeah. he wore who doesn't have cystic fibrosis. >> of course. a life threatening disorder
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causes severe damage to lungs and your digestic system. >> of course, it's always good to be healthy with whatever affliction or disease you might v. i imagine something like this would build up lung strength. >> in other ways, makes this even more incredible and more challenging for him. >> it's a short video, just a glimpse's what this guy is trying to tackle. his mission to become the world's strongest patient. and thdrill bit, putting it 4 1/2 inching, in a place you wouldn't believe. >> any boogers? >> oh, no, no. once he got it in, a little jimmy back and forth to make sure he got it big. >> do you think this is real? >> no. it's real. i guarantee it's real. >> this doesn't make any sense. where is it going? >> who says he has a brain? there might be some room up there. >> this was the official world's longest drill bit put in that
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part of the body. according to record setter dotcom. clearly, you don't want to tripe this at home. please, don't. >> if you want to see this whole video uncut, go to our website, cool world record times -- this is in vicarson norway, and this is -- she abohe is about t attempt speeding down this slope at about 100 kilometers. >> that doesn't sound -- frequently at those speeds. >> they do, but he is going to attempt doing this backwards. >> oh, okay. that changes it. >> yeah. >> here he is. he's at the top, and there he goes. starts off skiing forward, but then he turns around and just goes for it. >> spectators. >> a heck of a lot of people standing there watching this guy go backwards. >> anyway, he ended up setting the record and went faster than he expected at 120 kilometers an hour, which is about 80 miles an
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hour. >> i felt i wanted to yep to him, you're doing it wrong! >> keep an eye on where you just came from. see if anybody's chasing you. or if you just want to show off. oh, yeah? you can ski well? i can ski just as good -- backwards. >> hang on to my skis. >> now the guinness world reported of the fastest backward skier on the slopes. that's our show. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. have a fantastic rest of your day! -- captions by vitac --
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